IT Companies That Are Best to Join as Freshers in India

Pandemic has been a blessing to the IT industry, especially for the top MNCs(like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Coforge and Capgemini) as they are able to scale their workforce very fastly without much hassle. Other than that most of the job seekers in today’s time are holding 3-4 offers from these big companies and are confused about which company to join for their better future. To overcome this challenge we will be talking about the key points and features you should look forward to before joining any big Multinational company:

1. Interview Process:

Most of the Top Multinational Companies have a very similar interview process for selecting a particular candidate. Generally, there are 2-3 rounds in which they shortlist the candidates and give them the offer based upon the slab they have already defined for a particular group of candidates. For example, if they are hiring a candidate from IIT then they would offer them a package in the range of 7-8 lakhs per anum but if the candidate is from a third-tier college then they would provide them with a package from 3-4 lakhs.

The first round is a technical assessment round in which the general questions asked are from aptitude, reasoning, verbal and coding. In these companies, the second round is a technical interview round in which they ask you the basics of programming. For example, if you are good with java then they would ask you questions related to the basics of core java and object-oriented programming. Other than that some of the interviewers also ask you basic questions related to DBMS like DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, etc.

Most of the questions that will be asked from you would be from the skills mentioned in your resume or CV. The final round is generally the HR round in which salary discussion and negotiation take place and finally you are given an offer later.

If you want to join these companies as an experienced candidate then there will be atmost 2 rounds of interviews. The first round will be a technical round in which they will ask you questions regarding the job role you have applied for in that company. After that, you will be taken forward to the HR round once you have cleared the technical round.

2. Project Allocation

Project allocation is a very important process as your future career is decided by the project you are allocated to in your present company. Generally, most of the service-based companies allocate projects to the freshers randomly based upon their requirements.

After you are allocated to a project most of the time the team lead or the project manager calls you and asks you whether you are interested in joining a particular project or not. If you think that the project is not aligned to the set of skills you have or the project doesn’t have a good scope in the future then you can deny taking that project. But always remember one thing in mind once you are allocated to a project then you have to stay in that project for a certain period of time before you are released from the project.

Once you are allocated to a project then you are given a  proper knowledge transfer session from your seniors. In the knowledge transfer session, you are given a complete walk-through of the project with the proper insight into the functioning of the project. Other than that you are also given complete knowledge about the skills you should require to work on the project efficiently.

If you are joining these top MNCs as a fresher then you will go through Bootcamp training for 1-2 months where you will taught all the basics topics related to programming and other stuff so that you can get a slight overview of the IT industry. And if you join as an experienced individual in these companies then they allocate you the project based on the skill you are selected for in that company.

3. Brand Value 

Brand value matters a lot while switching from one company to another company as most of the time you will be getting more preference if you are switching from one big MNc to another one. The best part about working in MNCs is that all the processes are defined here and you need to work based upon them. Other than that MNCs focus a lot on communication skills as you need to work with foreign clients in most cases so you get groomed a lot on communication skills.

Apart from it most of the MNCs also organize a lot of internal training for their employee in order to groom them on a lot of trending technologies like AWS, Azure, etc.

4. Domain Knowledge:

Domain Knowledge is very crucial when you try to switch from one big multinational company to another big multinational company. Most of the service-based companies have a lot of interlinking with each other. For example: In a project, if TCS is taking care of the application development then it might be a case that Wipro will be taking care of the support activities. So for this reason, if you have a particular domain knowledge then the other big MNCs are willing to hire you at more hike. Sometimes the hike may range from 100-150% based upon your year of experience and domain knowledge.

Always keep in mind that when you are trying to switch to other MNCs always try to add the domain which you have worked for previously in your resume.

5. Salary Hike & Bond Period :

Most of the service-based companies have a fixed hike per year. Generally, the hike ranges from 10% to 15% for freshers but if you are an experienced person and your package is more than 10 lakh per anum then your hike will be almost 5% each year.

Other than that most of the service-based companies have a bond period which ranges from 1 – 3 years so you should always read the offer letter thoroughly before joining them. Also, read about the amount which you have to pay when you leave the company within the bond period.


Most of the service companies are the same so always take salary package and project into consideration while choosing these companies if you have 3-4 offers from these service-based companies. Apart from that always have a look at the glassdoor profiles of the companies you have been selected for and try to align them with your thought process. Most of these service-based companies are a brand so joining them would be a good choice if you don’t have an offer from a product-based company.

In general, there is no definite conclusion on this topic. This totally depends on individual to individual on what company they want to choose for a better future. But one thing is for sure that if you are very early in your career then it will be a great choice to go for a service-based company as the processes are quite defined in them. We hope that by reading this article you would have a got a clear understanding of IT Companies that are best to join as freshers in India.

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