Importance of English in Tech Placements

Most of the freshers in today’s era face a lot of problems while having a conversation with their colleagues. Some people also have anxiety in them about whether they will speak the wrong English or not in front of their colleagues. To overcome this challenge we are writing this article so that you can be confident while speaking in English with your colleagues.

Some of the points to note while you are trying to improve your English:

  1. Learn about Basic English Grammar: It is very important to get a good grip on basic English grammar like verbs, nouns, pronouns, tenses, adverbs, etc. These small things help you speak confidently in front of people. If you want to learn more about these things then you can follow a youtube channel or articles posted on google on basic English grammar. Some of the resources which we have found useful are mentioned below:

2. Watch movies in English: It is for sure that watching English webseries on Netflix will not improve your debating skills but it will surely help you to understand the colloquial conversational form of English. It also helps you to pick up new words from a specific movie or a Netflix series so that you can use them later during a conversation.

As we all know that movies and webseries are very addictive. It is for sure that once you start watching them you will not leave your seat until you complete it so watching it for complete length will help you to think in English.

3. Read your Colleague’s Emails properly: Most of the time you have to express your thoughts through emails with your clients or colleagues. So it is very important to read your colleague’s email as it will give you an idea about how to write an email in an effective way.

4. Having conversations in English: It is very important to have daily conversations with your friends or colleagues so that you can get well versed in the English language. Most of the time your friends will not be comfortable speaking to you in English so as an alternative you can use the Cambly app to have conversations in English with strangers.

By doing this you will boost your confidence to a different level. It is rightly said that consistent efforts help you in the long run so you can follow this strategy to improve your communication.

If you are not comfortable talking in English on Cambly app then you can try to talk with yourself in English. Sometimes when I see an award function and when I see someone is getting an award on the stage then I try to impersonate him. Like I think what I would have said after getting the award on the stage. This not only helps me in boosting my confidence but also helps me in becoming presentable in front of myself.

5. Make a note of all the useful words: It is very important to make a list of all the useful words and phrases you have gone through so far. Don’t just focus on the word itself but try to find synonyms and phrases in which it is used.

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