How To Handle 90 Days Notice Period With HR

The worst part of having a 90 days notice period is most HR will ask you to join in 30 days or ask you to join immediately. In some companies, people have to serve 60 days notice period but most big Multinational companies have a 90 days notice period.

Some people have a doubt in their minds about whether can they be released early?

Suppose some people are on the bench and they have a question in their mind like whether they can be released in 15 days or 30 days. In this blog post, we will be talking about all the scenarios on how you can handle 90 days notice period with HR. So keep reading it till the end to clear all your doubts.

We have discussed everything in pointers so that you can get a clear understanding of the topics.
  • General Reasons for Resigning Job: Many people have different reasons for resigning from their current job. Some people have a problem with the tech stack they are working within their current company. Like they are in a zone where they are feeling that they are wasting their time working in the current tech stack.

Some people have problems with the salary like they have a mindset to work with any tech stack but they are only concerned about their salary. Other than that some people have a problem with their manager so they think about changing their jobs. These are some of the pointers why people change their jobs.

  • Virtual Hiring: In most of the service based companies there is a notice period of 90 days . So most of the people face a lot of problems during job switch as in most startups there is a requirement for an immediate joiner who can join within 60 days or 45 days.

If you are focussing on going into top Multinational companies like TCS, Accenture, Wipro Coforge, Amazon, etc then they will wait for you for 90 days. But it also depends upon the project requirement. If they need an immediate joiner then they will also not wait for you.

How to grab your first opportunity in 90 days?

Let us consider an example where you will get a call from HR or somehow if you have got  a call through Linkedin or and there you have mentioned your notice period as 60 days. But in reality, you know that your notice period is of 90 days so you can tell the HR that actually your notice period is of 90 days but you will try buy out option and reduce the notice period to 60 days.

In this way, you can convince HR that you will try to join their company in 60 days. Once HR gets convinced to wait for 60 days then she will decide on a date after 60 days and confirm with you about it. Suppose she has marked the joining date as 7 march so it means that your offer will get void after 7 march.

Now comes a case where you are not able to join for 60 days as your previous company is not giving release. So, if your interview has gone well then the company can still wait and  revise your joining date. As we all know that finding good candidates is very difficult in today’s era and also interview process is a very time taking process for a company.  So the company might wait for you if you are a good candidate in terms of knowledge.

The best way to tackle this is you need to inform HR about this situation after 10 or 20 days that your previous company is not giving you an early release. On the basis of the situation, HR can take a decision in terms of the benefit of the company.

Advice for freshers and Experienced Candidates: If you are a fresher then we would advise you to create an impressive Linkedin profile so that you can easily get off-campus opportunities. Most of the times freshers don’t get a call from Naukri as they don’t have prior experience. So it is advisable for a fresher to create a good Linkedin profile and resume. Other than that you should make good connections on Linkedin so that you can ask for referrals during the placement season.

For experienced people, it is advisable to have a good Linkedin and Naukri profile. One thing which I have noticed as an experienced person is that big MNCs are always looking for experienced people so you will surely get a call from the companies.

Reason for 90 days period: Most companies have 90 days period due for a particular reason. The reason is if you are an experienced candidate then the manager requires you to train the freshers or the new people who will be joining the project as your replacement.

For this reason, you need to serve a 90 days period as during that time you can easily groom your junior colleagues so that they can take up your responsibilities in the future.

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