Can You Become a Programmer After 30 Years Old

The best part about programming is that it can be learned by anybody at any age as it involves solving real-world problems in an easy and effective way. Some of the people in their 30’s still have a question on how to get into software development and what would be a perfect roadmap for them in order to excel in their software development career. In this article, we will be talking about the path you should take in your 30’s to switch your career towards software development.

1. Don’t leave your current job: If you want to switch your career towards software development then you can easily practice it in your free time for 2-3 hours each day without leaving your current job. Whenever you have some free time always try to practice some logic-building questions like patterns, reverse a string, palindrome number, etc so that you can improve your logic on a regular basis.

2. Maintain deadlines while learning: Deadlines are quite important when you are in your learning phase as it helps you to stay focussed while learning a particular topic. For eg: if you want to learn web development and get a job as soon as possible. So it is very important to divide the topics according to your schedule and give consistent amount of hours each day.

Generally, it should take you 2-3 months to learn the basics of web development or any other technology. And if you are not able to cope up within the window time then you should leave it and try to excel in your present job without thinking about software development.

3. Network with Like-Minded People: Networking always helps while learning a particular technology as it helps you to solve your doubts from your peers within the stipulated time without much hassle. Other than that you can easily talk with them and try to have guidance in understanding a particular topic if you are finding it difficult to understand it.

In today’s world, there are a lot of discord servers, Reddit groups to solve your doubts on the go if you feel stuck anywhere. So try to find some good people and try to hang out with them virtually to become a good software developer in the near future.

4. Practise a lot of Mock Interviews with your friends: Always schedule at least one mock interview in a week to get a good grip of the basic concepts before the actual interview. Mock interviews are a great way to get ready for the actual interview as you get familiar with a lot of basic questions that can be asked in real interviews.

If you are preparing for a frontend interview in React then design ask your friend to ask you questions regarding ES6 concepts in Javascript and basics of React like state, props, class components, functional components, context API, etc. We have also created a playlist on the same so you can watch them before the interviews in order to ace the coding rounds.


We hope by reading this reading you would have got a deep inside about how you can become a programmer after you are 30 years old in age.

In general, there is no definite conclusion on this topic. This totally depends on individual to individual on the amount of hard work they are putting on a regular basis for a better future. But one thing is for sure that if you put in the daily effort then you can easily be able to achieve your goals after 30 years of age. Try to follow all the points in an accurate manner and you will be able to achieve it.

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