How To Become A Full Stack Web Developer in 2022 [Step By Step Guide]

Web development has become one of the hot topics in the past few years as it doesn’t require a lot of prerequisites to get started with web development. But with every passing year, new tools and technologies are introduced in the market to enhance the life of a developer in a more effective way. But the challenge behind choosing which technology to choose next remains the same. So in order to overcome this challenge we will be providing you with a complete roadmap to become a full stack developer in 2022 in this article with all the free resources.

Fullstack web development is a combination of both frontend and backend technology. Frontend generally focuses on building highly scalable user interfaces while backend focuses on storing the data in the database securely and retrieving the data from the database and showing it on the screen.

1. Start with Html CSS and Bootstrap

If you are aiming to become a web developer then the first thing you should know is how to build the structure and the design of the webpage. For this, you require two things Html and CSS. You should know about all the basics of both semantic and non-semantic tags in Html. For CSS you should know about how padding, margin, and border tags. Other than that you should also know about some of the most important concepts in CSS like flexbox, grid, and box model in CSS. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that consists of a lot of predefined classes which you can use to build responsive websites very easily.

For completing Html, CSS, and Bootstrap you should take almost 1.5-2 months time so that you can gain in-depth knowledge and can build user interfaces smoothly. Some of the resources you can use for learning Html, CSS, and bootstrap are given below:

  1. W3schools Html Tutorial
  2. W3schools CSS Tutorial
  3. W3schools Bootstrap Tutorial
  4. Convert PSD (PHOTOSHOP Doc) To HTML CSS Using Bootstrap 5 

2. Next you should learn about Javascript

As we know that javascript is used very widely in the industry and has a wider scope when it is talked about in perspective of the salary offered to a frontend developer. So for becoming good at javascript you should devote at least 1 month to learning about the core concepts of javascript. You should be well versed with dom manipulation, loops, functions, etc in javascript. Other than that you should also practice some of the basic programs like palindrome number, reverse a string, sum of digits, sort the array from ascending to descending, Armstrong number, pattern questions using loops, etc.

Now when you are well versed in understanding the core concepts of javascript you should move towards learning one framework or library of javascript. If you are interested in learning react then it will take you 1 month to grasp all the core concepts of react like functional-based components, class-based components, Context API, state, props, redux, etc.

But if you are interested in learning angular then you need to devote at least 3 -4 months as angular is a framework. For learning angular you should have a very good understanding of learning typescript. Some of the resources are given below that you can use for learning javascript, react and angular are as follows:

3. Git & CI/CD Deployment

In today’s world, most of the companies use git for managing their codebases so in order to work in a company you should have a very good understanding of how git works and also about the purpose of different commands in git to do a particular task.

Other than that you should also know about CI/CD deployment as in most cases you will use a YAML file to run all the jobs and do continuous integration and continuous deployment rather than doing manual deployment which was done in earlier days. For learning Git and CI/CD deployment you can take up to 7 days. Some of the learning resources are given below:

4. Backend Development

Most of the people will follow the above roadmap and will try to get their foot in the industry using frontend development. But if you want to be a full stack developer then you need also backend development too. You can use python, java or javascript for backend development. Other than that if you want to go as a Mern or Mean stack developer then you need to learn about Mongo DB , Express and Node. Most of the companies have a huge demand for Mern and mean stack developers so you will get a very good exposure in the industry. Some of the resources about backend development are given below:


This was a complete roadmap to becoming a full-stack developer in 2022. Hopefully, by reading this article I am sure that you have got your answer on the path to choose for becoming a full stack developer in 2022. However, always keep in mind that you need to have a lot of patience and consistency in your journey to achieve the same.


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