Android Development VS Web Development – Which One is Better Career Choice?

In today’s era, both Web Development and Android Development have a huge scope and demand in the market. These two sectors require you to learn different skills and have different markets and use cases. While deciding which path to choose one should always compare them on the basis of frameworks required for the development steps involved in learning web development and Android Development, level of difficulty based upon the learning curve, career opportunities, salaries, and future trend of both android and web development.

If you are having confusion about what to choose amongst web or android development then you have clicked the right article. In this article, we will be discussing and comparing both web and android development based upon all the necessary parameters and this will help you to choose the correct career option.

1. Web Development VS Android Development

Web Development is a mixture of different skills combined together like coding, designing, and operating web applications and websites. A person who is want to become proficient in web development should know about designing and developing web applications with easy navigations. The programming languages essential for web development are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Generally, web development can be divided into three major categories:

  • Frontend Web Development: Frontend web development generally involved designing the webpage from a design. Other than you will also be responsible for inserting the content into the webpage and specifying different navigation.
  • Backend Web Development: Backend web development generally involves dealing with the database and server-side programming in general. In simple words, we can say that backend web development generally involves maintaining all the data that is being entered and processing the data to display as an output to the users.
  • Fullstack Web Development: Fullstack web development is a combination of both frontend web development and backend development. Generally, a full-stack web developer handles both the designing of the website as well as maintaining and processing the data.

Android development generally involves building applications for Android devices.  In general, the languages used for android development are Java and Kotlin.

2. Steps to follow for learning Web Development and Android Development

Web Development:

Step 1: While choosing web development as your career always choose one field of interest like Frontend development, Backend development, or Fullstack development.

Step 2: For frontend development, you need to follow the path mentioned below

  • Learn and practice creating layouts using HTML.
  • Learn about styling your webpage using different CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) attributes.
  • Learn about how to make your web pages interactive by using Javascript. Also, learn about how javascript fetches the queries and responds to them.
  • Learn about making responsive websites using Bootstrap or plain CSS.
  • Go through all the concepts of version control systems such as git and GitHub in order to track the changes made to the codebase.

If you want to get into backend development then you follow the path as mentioned below:

  • Get a strong grip over programming languages like Java or Python
  • Learn about one of the database systems like MYSQL, MongoDB where you can store, retrieve and update the data.

Step 3: Have a strong understanding of the HTTP protocols and the deployment tools so that you can move files/data to and from the server.

If you learn about DevOps and its functioning you can be a great addition to your team as it helps the entire team to implement the application development lifecycle.

Things to learn for Android Development

An android developer generally specializes in both designing and building android apps for the marketplace.

Step 1: Have a good hold on the basics of android app development like:

  • Have a good understanding of one of the programming languages like Kotlin/Java.
  • Learn about designing the android UI.

Step 2: Now you have to get a hold on some of the advanced android development concepts like:

  • Get proficient with using Git and Rest API
  • Learn about database systems.
  • You should be able to design the applications around UI, cloud message APIs, and continuous integration.
3. Difficulty Level

In general frontend development is slightly easier to get into as compared to backend development because in backend development we need to keep a track of the data that is being processed as well as we need to also keep a keen eye on where the data is stored. Overall if we compare web development with android app development then we can say that web development is easy to start as compared to android development.

4. Career Opportunities

The job market for both android developers and web developers is increasing day by day. But as we all know that web development is easier to get in as compared to android app development so the competition for web developers is huge. On the other android, developers are very less in numbers so they are having a great demand in the market.

5. Learning Curve 

Both web development and android app development offer great skills. In web development, you will get a grip over different programming languages like Html, CSS, and Javascript and also on frameworks like ReactJs, Angular, and server-side frameworks like NodeJs. In android app development you get a strong grip over Java and Kotlin. If you are in the software development field then there is a mandatory skill to have that is Git and Github.

6. Salary

Most of people while choosing career options choose a particular career option based upon the salary they would be getting after learning a particular skill. In India, the average salary for a web developer lies between 5 to 27 LPA depending upon the skilled expertise, and experience. The salary of the android developer is also the same as the web developer but the salary is more for an iOS developer as skilled iOS developers are very less in numbers.

As technology is becoming advanced day by day so the requirement for both android and web development is increasing day by day. So don’t get confused on which field to choose as both of them have a very high demand in the market. Pick one of them and learn and start learning about it so that you can have a good future in the coming years.

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